The 香港管家婆资料免费大全 and Delta Air Lines have long partnered to help careers, research, education, and innovation off the ground.

Since the beginning of its partnership with the university over 40 years ago, Delta has given more than $6.2 million in financial support, which has funded various impactful initiatives.

A $5 million gift helped create in Washington D.C. for the university鈥檚 . Delta Hall is a 20,000-square-foot, three-story building that houses 32 students, faculty, and staff to facilitate learning on Capitol Hill. There鈥檚 also the Delta Innovation Hub, which opened in 2021 adjacent to the historic North Campus to help develop UGA鈥檚 Innovation District initiative and helped launch the . The latter pairs interdisciplinary student teams with corporate partners to solve real-world challenges.

The gift also funded the Delta Student Success Center at the Driftmier Engineering Center, home of UGA鈥檚 .

鈥淥ur rise as a national university, I think, is tied directly to the support we鈥檝e received from Delta Airlines,鈥 said UGA President Jere Morehead, appearing in a roundtable discussion with students and partners at the .

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