Products from UGA Research

Innovation Gateway鈥檚 product licensing program is ranked among the best in the nation.

dry eye

Restasis听and Optimmune
Prescription treatments for dry-eye in humans and animals


Poultry vaccines
Georgia鈥檚 poultry industry benefits greatly from UGA discoveries


The UGA Blueberry Breeding Program brings听new and improved patented cultivars to market


Based on UGA鈥檚 superior peanut cultivars the state of Georgia leads the US in total annual peanut production


During the past 7 years, 70% of the Georgia鈥檚 acreage of soybean was planted with UGA-developed cultivars

golf ball

UGA鈥檚 Turfgrass Breeding Program continues to develop superior cultivars

doctor and patient

Clevudine听(Levovir听and Revovir)
Therapeutic for the treatment of Hepatitis B


Antimicrobial Food Wash
New antimicrobial technology that is a safe, economical and more powerful alternative to chlorine-based disinfectants

Aequorea jellyfish

Assay Kits
Using fluorescent proteins from a jellyfish (Aequorea) and Sea Pansy (Renilla)

healed hand

Silvion听and Silvaklenz
Technology to inhibit the growth of microorganisms at the site of a wound or burn, promoting healing and reducing the sensation of pain

neural stem cells

Cell technology that facilitates research on Alzheimer鈥檚 and Parkinson鈥檚 disease


MuniRem Environmental Remediation
Environmental remediation technology useful for neutralizing munitions residue


Osy Osmosis
Software to enhance science education

horse hoof diagram

Glass Horse
Software used extensively in veterinary education

The following products originated from UGA research:

Therapeutics:Restasis, Levovir (Clevudine), SilvaKlenz, Silvion
Diagnostics:Dual-Glo Luciferase AssaySystem
Research Tools:ENStem-A, hN2; Monoclonal antibodies
Animal Diagnostics/Vaccines:Numerous animal and exotic bird vaccines and diagnostics including Psittimune APV
Poultry Vaccines:Including HatchPak
Fermentation products / Commodity Chemicals:Succinic acid and its derivatives, amino acids
Software:Chematix, ProValT, Osy, Glass Horse
Animal health / nutrition:Tricide, Optimmune, Neocide, 1-OH Vitamin D3
Devices:Electrostatic Spraying System ESS - MaxCharge, MagneTan

Plants (selected varieties):

Peanut:Georgia Green, Georgia-06G, Georgia-02C, Georgia-03L, Georgia-04S, Georgia-05E, Georgia-07W, Georgia-08V, Georgia-09B, Georgia-10T, Georgia Greener, Georgia 11J
Turfgrass:TifSport, TifEagle, TifBlair, TifGrand, SeaIsle 1, SeaIsle 2000, SeaStar
Soybean:97M50, Prichard RR, Benning RR, Haskell RR, Boggs RR, Woodruff, AGS 787
Ornamental grasses:Prince, Princess, Princess Molly, Princess Caroline, Vertigo
Hydrangeas:Endless Summer, Lady in Red, Mini Penny, Twist and Shout, Princess Lace, Midnight Duchess, Blushing Bride, Queen of Pearls
Small flowers, shrubs and trees:Athens Select series, Razzle Dazzle Crape Myrtle series, Emerald Colonnade Holly, Heaven Scent and Pinwheel Gardenias, Southern Moon and Georgia Petite Hawthornes, Raspberry Profusion Abelia
Blueberries:Alapaha, Ocklockonee, Palmetto, Vernon, Rebel, Camellia, Suziblue, Southern Splendour, Blue Suede, Titan, Summer Sunset, Georgia Dawn
Wheat:AGS 2000, AGS 2010, AGS 2485, USG 3592, AGS 2031, USG 3295, AGS 2020, AGS 2026, TAMsoft 700, AGS 2035
Pecans:Byrd, Morrill, Cunard, Treadwell, Huffman
  • Red Clovers 鈥 Dominion, Bulldog Red, and Cinnamon PlusWhite Clovers 鈥 Durana, Patriot, RegalGraze, and Resolute

  • Alfalfas 鈥 Bulldog 505, Bulldog 805, Alfagraze 300RR, Alfagraze 600RR, and Graze King

  • Tall Fescues 鈥 GA-186, Bulldog 51, Tenacity, Southeast, Stetson, Bravo, Jesup, and Georgia 5

  • TifQuik Bahiagrass

  • Georgia Reseeding Grazer Ryegrass

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